The man, the myth, the legend: Gregory Pilibosian

October 30, 2020

The man, the myth, the legend: Gregory Pilibosian | Birmingham Jewelry

You may be saying Happy Halloween today, but we are saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Michigan's most coveted jewelry designer, Gregory Pilibosian, celebrates his birthday today, (October 31st) on Halloween! 

Gregory is a man of many talents. He loves to dance, travel, spend time with his family, and most of all he enjoys using his artistic talents to design gorgeous wearable art: Fine Jewelry. His designs are inspired by European culture with a mix of his customers tastes. He pays such great attention to detail and creates jewelry to perfection, with love!

This year, his birthday is a very special one indeed. Gregory founded Birmingham Jewelry in 1975 in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan. He soon realized he needed more space as his growing clientele and beautiful jewelry designs were outgrowing his small Birmingham boutique. He soon settled on a beautiful, spacious building in Sterling Heights where he has called home for Birmingham Jewelry since 1995. This year marks his 45th anniversary as founder, business owner and Master jewelry craftsman and designer!

Gregory has been awarded Best Jewelry Designer and his store: Birmingham Jewelry has been voted Best Jewelry Store in Michigan by multiple outlets many years in a row. If you or someone you know are in the market for an engagement ring, Birmingham Jewelry is the place to go. Home of the largest selection of engagement rings in Michigan, Gregory is proud to be founder of Michigan's best jewelry store. From diamonds to engagement rings, to gemstones and custom designs, Gregory is not only a jewelry magician with custom designs, but he has also earned the title jewelry doctor by his longtime clients who claim he can fix and make any broken fine jewelry look like brand new. 

custom jewelry designer, Gregory Pilibosian

When asked, Gregory proclaimed "One of my biggest wishes this year is for good health for all my customers and for their jewelry to always be shining like a star!" With that said, come on in and help us wish Gregory a very Happy Birthday and let him make sure your jewelry is clean and sparkling (Complimentary service offered by Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights)!

If you share the same birth month with Gregory, click here to read about your amazing Birthstones!

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