October: Opal and Tourmaline

October 13, 2020

October: Opal and Tourmaline | Birmingham Jewelry

The beautiful colors of fall have finally dawned upon us, the leaves are changing colors and it is such a beautiful sight to see. Imagine having jewelry made of such beautiful, vibrant colors and more that you can enjoy all year round!

The lucky ones with birthdays in October get to call both Opal and Tourmaline their birthstone. Opal is a very unique gemstone that can come in such an array of colors with even different colored undertones and backgrounds.

Tourmaline, on the other hand is more of what you might think of when you hear the term "gemstone". Tourmalines can come in such a beautiful variety of colors as well! Most people tend to gravitate towards pink tourmaline for October birthstone gifts as October is also breast cancer awareness month and it is a great way to commemorate both. 

When looking for a gift for an October birthday consider their taste, their favorite color as well as their style. Opal, depending on its cut and what it is set in, can be casual or very fancy. It is also the stone to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary! Tourmaline is usually used in more statement pieces of jewelry but can also be found in everyday pieces as well.


Opal is the original birthstone for October. It is believed the name Opal originated from India as the Sanskrit term for "precious stone" called Upala. Opals are known for exhibiting a phenomena called Play of Color. The colors and patterns on opals can vary so widely, comparing the stone to beautiful sights like fireworks, volcanoes and galaxies to name a few. 

Long ago, Europeans would refer to opals as a symbol of truth, hope and purity while ancient Greeks would gift opals to each other as a token of prophesy and to acquire protection from disease.

The most well known source for stunning opals is in Australia, although opals can be found in so many other places as well such as Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia and even the United States. 

Opals typically may be treated by impregnation of oil, wax or plastic. The safest way to clean an opal is with warm, soapy water. 

This beautiful opal ring is set in an Omi Privé 18K yellow gold setting with beautiful sapphires and diamonds around it. 

Omi Prive Opal ring with sapphires and diamonds in 18k yellow gold


Originally, tourmaline was not considered an October birthstone until later. The colors of tourmaline are all so stunning, especially when they're found with multiple colors in one stone such as a watermelon tourmaline. Some of tourmalines colors are much more highly desired than others. 

The name Tourmaline originated from the term toramalli which is Sinhalese for "stone with mixed colors" since you can often find tourmalines with more than one color in one gemstone. Some of the most popular tourmaline colors are the pink and red rubellites, the chrome green tourmalines, and the neon blue Paraìba tourmalines which are only found in Brazil. 

The different colors of tourmaline are thought to have certain healing properties. For someone seeking self-confidence and protection, black tourmaline is the stone said to provide this. Pink tourmalines are typically associated with love and compassion, while the green variety of tourmaline is said to promote strength, courage and build stamina. 

Tourmaline is the gemstone given to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary. It's a lovely gemstone that can be selected in so many different colors, suiting the majority of peoples tastes.

Brazil is one of the main sources for tourmaline, although it can be found in many other places as well. In fact, we have personally been to a mine in Pala, California where tourmalines are found and it was one exciting and rewarding experience!

To care for tourmalines, it is best to clean them with warm soapy water and a soft brush. The hardness of this gemstone is suitable for everyday wear, although, like any gemstone, always try your best to take good care of your jewelry.

Another beautiful Omi Privé design with a gorgeous 15.16ct pink tourmaline and some diamonds on the sides. 

Omi Prive pink tourmaline and diamond ring


 If you are looking for a gift for an October birthday or a wedding anniversary or even just because, you can call or text us at (586) 939-5100 and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect gift!

Photos and some facts in this blog are sourced from gia.edu.

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