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With over 11 years as a trusted, authorized VERRAGIO retailer, Birmingham Jewelry is proud to be Michigan's VERRAGIO BOUTIQUE! 

Birmingham Jewelry is currently the leading VERRAGIO powerhouse in Metro Detroit and home to the LARGEST selection of VERRAGIO Rings in Michigan. We are also authorized to do in-house diamond settings and repairs on all VERRAGIO rings!


VERRAGIO. Make It Yours. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to customizing your Verragio engagement ring. Verragio is the only bridal designer that allows you to truly personalize your engagement ring and wedding band from the inside out. Do you prefer a white gold ring with a Rose gold halo and yellow gold French beading? Or maybe an all rose gold ring with a diamond riviera inlay? From the customizable lacework profile of the Venetian Collection to the French beading of the Couture Collection, the possibilities are endless. So how will you express your individual style? With one of the nations top Verragio Specialists in-house, we are ready to bring your engagement ring and wedding band dreams to life! Text us now and let us help you discover the Verragio x Birmingham Jewelry difference! (586) 939-5100

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Gregory Pilibosian, Michigan's most famous master jewelry designer since 1975, also known as the jewelry doctor, is THE person you want to work on your most sentimental and valuable jewelry. Gregory's experience in jewelry repair and design began in his adolescent years and is known today as an expert in his work. There is not a technique or complex jewelry service he is unable to provide. Gregory's knowledge and expertise in the jewelry industry is parallel to none. 

Working under Gregory's wing is his son in-law, Ishkhan Bozabalian who earned his Bachelor in business computing from Notre Dame University, Beirut and continued on to graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad California with a degree in Jewelry Design and Technology as well as his Graduate Diamonds degree. Gregory and Ishkhans workshop is equipped with the leading jewelry design technologies as well as traditional benches, casting and polishing machines and more. Together, Gregory and Ishkhan are a leading example in the family jewelry industry.

Reba Pilibosian, Gregory's wife, is the soul behind his business successes. She came into the business in 1987 and took on all the administrative responsibilities allowing Gregory to focus on his artistic talents and flourish. To better familiar herself with the industry, Reba has earned numerous degrees from the Gemological Institute of America.

Gregory and Reba's daughter, Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian has earned her many degrees throughout the years beginning with her bachelor of science undergraduate degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, Masters in Business Administration Essentials degree from Kansas University, and most importantly her Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA - Gemological Institute of America the world's foremost authority in diamonds and gemstones. We are truly blessed to have such a strong team of experienced, well versed, educated and skilled individuals making up our Jewelry store team!

Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands Parisian Collection Jewelry     Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands Venetian Collection Jewelry        Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands Couture Collection Jewelry       Verragio Engagement Ring and wedding band Insignia Collection Jewelry       Verragio Engagement Ring and wedding band Renaissance Collection Jewelry       Verragio Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Paradiso Collection Jewelry 

A little biography about the founder and designer of Verragio - Barry Verragio:

In his over 30 year career as a designer of fine jewelry for some of the most well-known names in jewelry manufacturing, Barry Verragio has learned the value of craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Barry first learned the craft of creating jewelry as an apprentice. To enhance his natural designing abilities, Barry studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Having mastered ring design, he eventually paved the way to establishing his own company, based on the development of his then exclusive setting technique. This very setting technique was just the beginning of the realization that the possibilities were truly endless when designing an engagement ring. :Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was 'doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" says Verragio. "This is the exact theory that has fueled me to believe that one should never settle for average."

With the growth of Verragio over the years, Barry's vision has become anything but average. Verragio continues to create engagement rings and wedding bands that are cutting edge, but with a classic foundation, for today’s discerning bride-to-be. Being able to create and offer an engagement ring that is truly unlike any other is the driving force of Barry’s motivation today.

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For more information or to view our VERRAGIO rings in person, please call or text (586) 939-5100 and schedule your appointment. 

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