Sell Your Gold for Cash 💰

The price of Gold is at an all-time high, take advantage of this opportunity and cash in your unwanted gold. 

Do you have a bunch of broken or unused jewelry collecting dust in your jewelry box? If yes, you can turn it into quick cash or even something useful.

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The great news is, if your gold is sentimental to you, you can use it to custom design new jewelry that you would actually wear!

Regardless of which route you take, you have to trust where you take your gold. Today, it seems like you see "we buy gold" on every corner of every street. Be cautious of where you go to sell your gold. Not everyone has a license to buy, not everyone follows the regulations. 

When looking for a place to sell your gold, keep in mind a few important things:

  • Avoid unlicensed buyers. In order to protect yourself and get the most for your gold, make sure you are selling your gold to a licensed buyer. A licensed buyer has to follow state regulations, use appropriately calibrated scales, and properly document transactions.
  • Go to a reputable, family owned jewelry store. Make sure you check the reviews! I recommend family owned jewelry stores, not because thats what we are, but because typically thats where consumers receive the best, most personalized service. But most importantly, make sure wherever you are going has great, authentic reviews. 
  • Ask if you can get more value if you trade it in for something new! Most of the time, jewelry stores will be willing to give you more value for your gold if you trade it, as opposed to selling it for cash. This way, if you're in the market for new jewelry and don't want to deal with re-designing, you can get more value when you trade in your old gold. 
  • Understand that the price of gold is constantly changing. When you get a quote, it is usually only good for that same day. If you decide to think about it or sleep on it, make sure you ask your jeweler how long this quote is good for. More than likely, if you come back another day, you will get a new quote based on the daily market price of gold.
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Aside from gold, you can also sell diamonds and watches! Birmingham Jewelry is an authorized buyer. We buy gold, diamonds and Rolex watches. We offer cash, trade-ins and can also recycle your jewelry and gems to make you something fresh and new.

Do you have any Gold, diamonds or Rolex watches you want to sell? Call or text us at (586) 939-5100 to make an appointment to come in for your free estimate.

Cash for gold

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