March: Aquamarine

Do you know what Bloodstone and Aquamarine have in common? Almost nothing when it comes to color, transparency and chemical property. Except, they both share a reputation for protecting one's well being and, well, they are both March birthstones! So I guess they do have a common factor or two after all. 


Aquamarine, like its name, is usually crystal clear of inclusions and resembles the beautiful blue hues of the sea or sky. This bright and lovely gemstone comes in a range of bluish hues and can even be found in greenish hues as well and is known to symbolize purity of the soul and spirit. Aquamarine is a variety of the Beryl Species. The Beryl species produces a few other gem materials, most well known among them are Emerald, Morganite, Heliodor and Red Beryl all pictured in rough form below.

Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for March, it is also the gemstone to commemorate a 19th wedding anniversary.

Fun fact: First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was gifted a dark blue rectangular step cut aquamarine that weighed 1,298 carats from the government of Brazil in 1936. You can find this impressive gemstone at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York.

Care cleaning and durability: Aquamarine wears well in everyday jewelry, it has a good durability to sustain the heat and vibration of getting cleaned in an ultrasonic at your local jewelry store. If you'd like to clean your aquamarine jewelry at home, we would recommend using warm soapy water with a soft bristle brush. If you'd like to order an awesome at home jewelry cleaner, click here!


Bloodstone, on the other hand is typically a dark, semi-translucent to opaque cryptocrystalline quartz. Bloodstone is a variety of the species Chalcedony. This stone is actually green jasper, but what gives it the name bloodstone are the red inclusions made up of iron oxides and hematite. 

This gemstone's name is derived by the spiritual belief that the red inclusions look like the blood of christ, therefor calling it bloodstone. There are some metaphysical properties that have been attributed to bloodstone in the past: it is said to preserve health and youth, increase strength and even give its wearer invisibility powers. Today, bloodstone is used by many to increase strength and act as a lucky charm. History suggests that bloodstone was used with silver to make larger jewelry pieces such as bracelets.

Bloodstone, although beautiful in its own right, is not as commonly found in fine jewelry today. Aquamarine is much more prevalent to be found in fine jewelry stores and is more widely known as the gemstone for March birthdays.


March is my favorite month of the year, partly because it's my birth month, but there are also many other reasons why. It's International Women's Month, marks the beginning of a new season, the sun makes a debut, it's not too hot, it's not too cold, flowers begin to bloom, it's a great month to take a vacation and overall the mood in March begins to brighten across the board. I'd like to wish all March babies reading this blog a very happy birthday, It's an honor to share this birth month with you all!

In light of International Women's Day coming up, I'd like to remind my fellow women to treat yourself. Let's unite and remind ourselves that March is the month of Me. Make some time to relax, take that vacation, go get that massage, buy that item you've been eyeing, get brunch with your friends, enjoy moments with your loved ones, make steps to accomplish your goals and dreams. And to all the awesome men in our lives: treat the women in your world. Whether it's mom, a sister, significant other, daughter, best friend, treat her this month. Always keep in mind, when women feel appreciated, we are more inclined to give back.

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