Jewelers of America 20 under 40 Class of 2024 - Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian

Local Jeweler Named 20 Under 40 in Jewelry Retail
Jewelers of America names Sterling Heights-based jeweler Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian of Birmingham Jewelry to the 20 Under 40 List

New York, NY – Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has named Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian as one of the recipients of the 20 Under 40 in Jewelry Retail list. Jewelers of America’s 20 Under 40, which was launched in 2022, is a recognition program that celebrates young professionals who exemplify leadership skills and a commitment to elevating jewelry retail for tomorrow’s jewelry consumers.

A panel of industry judges reviewed nominees from JA Retail Members across the country and had the difficult task of narrowing the applications down to the 20 individuals who best embody an ability to lead, innovate, and improve a jewelry store's success while adhering to professional ethics. Marina was selected as one of the recipients of this prestigious award.

“Jewelers of America’s 20 Under 40 in Jewelry Retail list was designed to recognize young and talented individuals in all facets of the retail jewelry industry. Marina possesses all the qualities and leadership skills that will help to pave the way for a brighter future and the next generation of jewelry industry professionals,” says Jewelers of America President & CEO David Bonaparte.

Marina is a shining star in the jewelry world, celebrated for her passion and expertise. As Vice President and co-owner of Birmingham Jewelry, she embodies a commitment to her family's legacy in every facet. This cherished family business, where craftsmanship meets innovation, is a testament to her commitment. Driven by her dedication and love for jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones, Marina infuses her company with vitality and vision. Marina is a GIA graduate gemologist, AGS titleholder and member of esteemed organizations in the industry including Jewelers of America. As a second-generation owner, she honors tradition while pushing boundaries, always seeking to elevate standards. Marina's unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism is evident in her work. Under her leadership, Birmingham Jewelry continues to thrive, offering customers not just pieces of jewelry, but moments of beauty and joy that last a lifetime. With Marina at the helm, her father’s legacy continues, inspiring and enchanting all who enter Birmingham Jewelry’s doors.

Birmingham Jewelry is a member of Jewelers of America, the national association for fine jewelry businesses with the most reputable jewelers in the United States, who are backed by a commitment to Jewelers of America’s Code of Professional Practices.

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Jewelers of America (JA) is the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace. Jewelers of America's primary purpose is to improve consumer confidence in the jewelry industry through its leadership in public, government and industry affairs; by advocating professionalism, including high ethical, social and environmental standards; and by facilitating members' access to education. Visit for more information.

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MAY 15, 2024

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