Holiday Shopping Tips:

The happiest time of the year is upon us! Here are some great tips to prepare for your holiday shopping.

1. Know before you go: shopping for a list of loved ones is not a simple task. It would behoove you to have an idea of what you want to get or at least how much you'd like to spend on the person, before wasting your valuable time roaming the busy malls and exhausting your brain with holiday music, crowded shops, impossible parking lots and the abundant aromas of pumpkin spice.
2. Look for stores who offer promotional financing: financing can really help remove some stress off your shoulders during the holidays. You don't have to wait last minute for your holiday bonus to start your shopping. Many department stores as well as independent stores offer financing options with promotional rates just for the holiday season, so why not take advantage and get your shopping done early?
3. Jewelry is always a good idea: You can never go wrong with the gift of jewelry. First, because gold, diamonds and precious stones are an investment. Second, because it is a gift that will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. And third, because - well... who doesn't like jewelry?
4. If you need ideas, just ask: We are almost always available via our website chat, if you need any gift ideas, don't hesitate to ask us! Think of us as your very own personal jewelry stylist. Oh and our advice is totally free. Who wouldn't want one of those?
5. When in doubt, get a gift card: A gift card is just as exciting as receiving cash, except it is more thoughtful and personal. For example, when you know you want to get someone a piece of jewelry, but you're not sure what exactly they like, or if they already have this or are they going to wear that... You can get them a gift card from a jewelry store showing that you actually put some thought into their gift and didn't just throw some cash into an envelope. 
6. The early bird catches the worm: Start your holiday shopping early! And by early, I don't mean July. Even shopping in November is considered early. I cannot stress this enough, the sooner you shop, the better quality gifts you will find and the better deals and sales you'll be able to take advantage of. This will also reduce your stress level and anxiety from last minute shopping for whatever is left in the market just because you need to get gifts. Get your shopping started early this year and hopefully you'll notice that you are more relaxed and actually get to enjoy the gift wrapping process this holiday season.
Photo art by Natalia Vasilyeva taken from instagram @navasy

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